A great tool for drawing!

Well most folk will think this blog is a review about how good the Apple iPad Pro is, but actually that would take a lot longer to review than time allows when you are a busy designer. 

What I’d like to talk about is how good it is for drawing and how good you can get. Actually i’m not blowing my own trumpet here as I rarely get time to draw but in actual fact its my daughter that takes the credit for this. My wife being a teacher she has the whole of the summer off like my daughter and taking a teenager to a caravan on an island with no wifi for 6 weeks, panic set in. Don’t get me wrong my daughter is keen on the old drawing front so that helped. But a lot of persuasian was was still needed. So we thought ok an iPad with a pencil that sounds like a good idea.

So we are not flush by any means but thought it was worth the investment as we have a few 3rd generation iPads that have lasted well and have been well worth the money. The obvious was to try a few different apps but she settled on sketchbook. Maybe she’ll move on to others but this seems pretty good for the style she has adopted.

Actually thats what I was trying to talk about in the first place.

She seems to have adopted a very specific style in her drawing, shadow and technic are really pretty unique and the scribble pen style really works well with this.
Looking at how she actually pieces the drawing together using layers she would definitely find it a lot easier if she had to use photoshop for anything in the future.
She’s a bit of a TV buff and gets quite obsessed with individual character, some of which i’ve never heard of.

Here are a few examples of what the iPad Pro can do
You can follow her instagram to see more here

iPad Pro & Sketchbook

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